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Become an instructor and teach our signature classes to your participants

Complete your e-training 100% online from the comfort of your home

Not an instructor but want to follow our signature classes yourself at home?


Coming Sept 2020


The all new barbell resistance fitness program is here!

  • Simple to use

  • Lightweight

  • Easy storage

  • Affordable, high quality equipment manufactured specifically for PWR

  • Effective resistance based, full body sculpting without heavy weights

  • Choreographed to music program

  • Interchangeable resistance bands to suit different heights and abilities

Our equipment is in production and will be available in the UK from end of June 2020. To become a PWR Pro instructor, complete our e-learning qualification 100% from the comfort of your own home. Assessment will require completion of a quiz and a video assessment. To complete your training, you will need to purchase a PWR Barbell set to demonstrate correct use of the equipment and that you meet the standards of teaching required.

Once you have qualified as a PWR Pro instructor, your monthly licence subscription gives you marketing materials, logos, listing of your classes online, instructor forum business and marketing support, 10% discount off equipment purchases and fresh choreography for you to use in your classes. You can teach in person or online!

Just £12 per month.

As PWR equipment is in production and will not be available for delivery until the end of August 2020, we are offering a 50% discount off the e-learning course price so you can get started now with your training, complete the online quiz and then once your PWR Barbells are ready to dispatch, you can complete your video assessment to get started teaching straight away.


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