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HYPE Fitness is one of the leading Aerial & Pole studios in London and Surrey. All instructors are fully trained, qualified and experienced, plus the studios are fully compliant and safety certified using high quality equipment.

CLOTHING: For all aerial based classes, we recommend wearing leggings, and a form fitting top. Please avoid any bare skin. Please do not wear anything with zips or buttons which could rip the fabric of aerial hammocks/silks, and please remove ALL jewellery including wedding rings. For hygiene purposes, we recommend wearing tops which cover your armpits for Aerial Silks and Aerial Yoga.


AcroBeats is exclusive to HYPE Fitness and it is the only official Bungee Workout class program in the UK.
Feel weightless as you fly through the air in this high intensity HIIT class, where you can push yourself to your limits. Prepare to sweat in the fast paced cardio class, designed to allow you greater range of movement in key fitness moves, plus the added resistance of the bungees allows for stamina and strength training.
Perfect for most levels of fitness and ability.


Using Static Trapeze, Silks, Rope, Hoop, Hammocks/Slings  and even flying pole, this class develops strength and flexibility, using the training techniques of professional circus aerialists in a safe, fun and effective format.


The class is designed to build and master your strength, technique and confidence.

Suitable for all levels and complete beginners



This class uses a sling hammock for a fitness class incorporating strenth and flexibility training alongside Yoga exercises. We can stand on the ground and hold it for support, sit in it, lie in it and flip upside down in it.

Fun but very effective at getting super stretches and amazing toning/ strengthening for your entire body.

Suitable for all levels and complete beginners



Starting off with a variety of climbs to build your strength and get you off the ground, the moves progress into wrapping and manoeuvring around the silks to pull off some photo-worthy moves. The more adventurous aerialist would also work towards drops from a height.

Aerial Silks is a perfect starting ground if you’d like to improve your body awareness, with classes focusing on working to safely improve both functional strength and flexibility. Lessons are structured to cater to varying levels.



The Aerial Hoop is an extremely dynamic apparatus, being a circular steel ring that provides the perfect frame for your acrobatic moves. It provides an excellent platform for an endless combination of transitions and fluid movements, especially when spinning. 

We also include plenty of strength training in this class to build you up to more advanced moves and other Aerial/Pole classes so this is perfect for all levels from beginner to advanced.