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  • Do I need to book in advance?
    Ideally yes. As we provide specialist classes that you can't get elsewhere under one roof, classes are extremely popular and we ask that you book your spaces and pay upfront online. This saves a lot of time on the reception desk as it can get very busy before classes. Choose from PAYG, a class pass or a membership to book in beforehand. You can do this on our website, but we highly recommend that you download our app to easily manage your account, payments and bookings.
  • Do classes run all year round?
    Yes! Our classes run every day, although we do shut briefly over the Christmas and New Year period. We will also send out an email via the newsletter with any class changes and opening times.  Please note that extremely bad weather can possibly lead to the studio being closed, plus illness and injury can sometimes happen to instructors. We will do our very best to secure a high-quality cover instructor for any classes affected, but occasionally this can be difficult to do especially at the last minute. If a class has to be cancelled for any reason, we shall notify you immediately, rebook your class or credit your account and extend our apologies.
  • What happens at my first class?
    The instructor will introduce themselves and you will be shown around the studios. Please take this opportunity to ask any questions you may have. At your first class you will be asked to fill out a health questionnaire and liability waiver. This is for us to be aware of any health issues or injuries that may affect you during class and for your safety. We also advise that if your health changes, you must inform us and re-fill a form. If your child is attending classes with us, you must fill out a form on their behalf, and also leave us emergency contact details. The questionnaires and confidential and the information is only for the instructors knowledge. Please make sure to arrive at least 10-15 minutes early before your first class for us to run through everything with you.
  • What do I need to wear?
    Loose, non-restrictive clothing is a must. Wear something that you would normally in the gym e.g. t-shirt/vest and leggings or jogging bottoms. Jeans and skirts are unsuitable. It is also advised that ladies wear a good sports bra for comfort as the moves in class can be very vigorous. Good trainers are essential as all fitness classes require cushioning, absorption of impact and support for your feet and joints. If you are wearing unsuitable footwear, you will be politely asked to not participate in the class for your own safety.  Unsuitable footwear: - Plimsoles - Converse trainers - Ballet Pumps - Ugg boots - Flip-flops - Barefoot  Trust us, we've seen it all!! This advice is so that you can get the most out of the class, and participate safely without injury. Please note for certain specialist classes we have some clothing requirements: ​ POLE FITNESS: Ideally legs to above the knee and arms must be exposed for good skin contact grip to the pole. Shorts and a vest top are ideal and can be worn under layers that you take off after the warm up. Knee pads and heels are advised as some classes involve choreography. AERIAL HOOP/MIXED AERIAL: Please ensure you keep legs arms and torso covered to avoid reduce skin chafing. AERIAL YOGA: For hygiene reasons, please wear tops that cover the armpits (no vest tops) to avoid sweat transfer onto the hammock fabric.
  • What else do I need to bring with me?
    1. WATER! Please bring plenty in a large bottle as it is important to stay hydrated. 2. A towel. We can get very sweaty. 3. Warm clothing for after class. 4. Loads of energy ready for a fun-filled class!
  • Can I bring my kids to the studio?
    Yes! We have several kids classes on our timetable. Some fall at the same time as adult classes so you can book in to your own session whilst your child is in a class. All our instructors who work with children are fully qualified and DBS checked. Some adult classes are suitable for children to participate in, so please check with us first and we'll advise what's best. We know childcare can sometimes be difficult, and we don't want it to be a barrier to your fitness. Therefore babies in buggies and children who can keep occupied with a book or game to the side of the studio or in the reception area are more than welcome. Children's safety and behaviour remain the parent's responsibility throughout the class and they must not disrupt the class for other members or behave in a way that is unsafe or detrimental to themselves, staff or other members otherwise they may not be permitted to continue attending in future.
  • Which ages can attend classes at HYPE?
    If you're over 16yrs old, you can attend any of our adult classes. If you are between 12-16yrs old, you may be able to attend selected adult classes but only if you attend the class with another adult over the age of 16yrs who is your parent or guardian. Please check with us first before booking so we can advise you on the classes you can attend. ​ For kids classes, all classes are for ages 7yrs+ only due to insurance purposes.
  • I'm very overweight, I'm a complete beginner and/or I'm very unfit. Are the classes suitable for me?
    Absolutely! We have members of all ages, shapes, sizes, and fitness levels so nobody should ever stand out in our classes. Our classes are designed to get you moving and getting fit and strong whilst having fun and boosting your wellbeing. You do not need to be super-fit or a certain size or shape to start, but if you are feeling nervous then please have a chat with us before you start so we can give you extra support.  We encourage you to put in as much effort as possible into the class, attend regularly, and alongside a healthy lifestyle you will start to see some fantastic results. If you do need to start off a bit slower than everyone else, that is fine. You can start at your own pace and take regular short breaks for water with no pressure at all. For certain classes such as Pole and Aerial, we have beginner level classes on our schedule which we recommend you start with as they will teach you the foundations, and boost your confidence as you workout alongside other people at a similar level to you.
  • When should I not participate in classes?
    Usually most people can participate in our group exercise classes with no problems, but there are some circumstances where participation is not advised:  1. Injury Please advise us of any injuries you may have. Most of the time you may be able to continue with classes, but it is important for the instructor to be aware of anything so they can give you the correct support and attention and ensure you are not going to cause any further injury. We may also be able to show you adaptations or alternatives to accommodate your abilities. This is on an individual basis however, so please also seek medical advice before class if you are unsure.  2. Illness Some people prefer to exercise if they've been feeling under the weather, but if you are feeling nauseous, dizzy, feverish, have a severe headache etc. please put your feet up and get better! In this post-Covid world, we are all much more aware of the importance of staying home when unwell. If you have any diagnosed medical conditions including (but not limited to) asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, high blood pressure, angina, it is vital that you first check with your doctor that it is safe for you to participate in class, and then please tell the instructor of any conditions, plus list them on your health questionnaire. If you have to carry an asthma inhaler, insulin, epi-pens, GTN spray etc. you must bring them to class and be able to administer them yourself.  3. Pregnancy Exercise is not contraindicated in pregnancy provided that you are fit and well, and you have a low-risk pregnancy. We advise that if you are pregnant and are already a regular member and have good fitness levels, then you must at first stop classes until you have had your initial scans and appointments. Find out from you doctor or midwife if it safe for you as an individual to continue with our classes, and please get this in writing. Once the go-ahead has been given, you may return to classes until a stage in your pregnancy that your doctor advises. We will show you lower-impact alternatives, but exercise in low-risk pregnancy is beneficial to both mother and baby. If you are pregnant and have not attended classes before, then we advise that you do NOT start a new fitness regime during pregnancy if you are not already fit and active. Please put your feet up until after the baby is born! All mums must not resume classes until at the very least 6 weeks after delivery, or longer if you had a caesarian section or if your doctor/midwife advises. We will not accept anyone in our classes who has given birth in less than 6 weeks prior. We want to make sure that classes at HYPE are as accessible as possible for everyone and the majority of the time we can make adaptations to support you. If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact us today!
  • Where are you based?
    Our studio address is 78-82 Lind Road, Sutton, SM1 4PL. We are walking distance to Sutton High Street, train station and are on several bus routes
  • Is there parking at the studio?
    We do not have a customer car park unfortunately. However there are metered bays for parking outside the front of the studios, and these are free after 6.30pm Monday to Saturday, and free all day Sundays. There are also further places to park for free all day which are outside of the controlled parking zone and all within walking distance, such as Constance Road, Montpelier Road and at the top of Thicket Road. Please allow extra time to park and walk over to the studios!
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