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Feel weightless as you fly through the air in this fun and exclusive class to HYPE Fitness. Push yourself out of your comfort zone whilst having a great time. Bounce, swing and jump in this fun-packed class, that encourages you to be brave and adventurous. Prepare to sweat in this fast paced cardio class, designed to allow you greater range of movement in key fitness moves, plus the added resistance of the bungees allows for stamina and strength training.


Perfect for most levels of fitness and ability. All instructors are trained, qualified and experienced, plus the studios are fully compliant and safety certified using high quality and tested bungee equipment.


AcroBeats is exclusive to HYPE Fitness and it is the first official Bungee Workout class program in the UK recognised by Insure4Sport, and currently in the process of being accredited by industry body CIMSPA and recognised by EMDP. 

CONTACT US for more details or to book in a private class/event or party at a time to suit you and your group




SUITABILITY: Beginners are completely welcome and classes are suitable for all abilities, however only for those aged 16yrs+.

Our harnesses can fit a range of sizes from a UK women's size 8-18. Our Bungee systems can support weights up to 16 stone, but we can also accommodate higher weights by adding further bungee resistance. If you or any of your group requires a larger/smaller harness or needs a higher bungee resistance, please let us know at the time of your booking.


CLOTHING: For all AcroBeats classes, we recommend wearing leggings, and a form fitting top. Please avoid any bare skin and ideally tie long hair back. Please do not wear anything with zips or buttons which could catch on the harnesses, and please remove ALL jewellery including wedding rings. We are not responsible for any lost or damaged personal possessions (such as jewellery) at the studio, so please leave them at home before attending class!

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