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HYPE Fitness is one of the leading Aerial & Pole studios in London and Surrey. All instructors are fully trained, qualified and experienced, plus the studios are fully compliant and safety certified using high quality equipment.

CLOTHING: It is recommended to have exposed legs in all classes so that you can skin grip the pole. You don't have to wear skimpy shorts and outfits if you don't want to: just anything that exposes above the knee and as much thigh as you feel comfortable with. There are some excellent grip leggings you can also buy if you feel really self-conscious, but we are a welcoming environment with people of all shapes and sizes.


Please do not put on any moisturisers or fake tan before classes (or you'll be sliding off the pole!) and all jewellery including wedding rings must be removed as this scratches the poles.

It is recommended to bring leg-warmers, knee pads, and heels for our choreography-based classes, but not essential. We also sell grip-aids in the studio reception if you need to stock up!

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