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HYPE Fitness is going greener

Green Mark Accreditation logo

HYPE Fitness are delighted that we have received a Green Mark Level 1 accreditation! We have spent the past few months working with Sutton Council and reviewing our business practices so that we can drive forward our sustainability practices, and this included gaining our Green Mark accreditation. Green Mark provides an internationally recognised environmental certification for companies that want to assure their clients and employees that they are conducting business to recognised environmental standards.

Through the online portal, we submitted information about the business, answered questions and provided supporting evidence, the answers were then reviewed by an auditor and we were awarded a Green Mark Level 1! Through the process Green Mark helped us create a framework to make sure we have the correct tools to monitor and reduce our emissions going forward, as well as communicating internally and externally how we are doing this.

After becoming certified Green Mark sent us a certificate, window stickers and some digital materials to share the news of our accreditation which we now proudly share and display throughout our business and to our clients.

Green Mark logo: We've made our mark

Here are some of our environmental policies:

  • HYPE Fitness will aim to continuously improve the environmental performance and integrate recognised environmental management best practice into our business operations, supported by our team.

  • Measure and take action to reduce the carbon footprint of our business activities to meet our objectives and targets. 

  • Manage waste generated from the business operations according to the principals of reduction, recycling wherever possible.

  • Choosing suppliers and other service providers based upon their sustainability policies to ensure they align with our practices.

For any other organisations considering environmental accreditation, these are some reasons why we would recommend it:

  • Sustainable practices such as saving energy, reducing water use, using less materials and creating less waste can save more money than you think.

  • Environmental credentials attract clients and increases the likelihood of others wanting to work with you!

  • It is possible to run a profitable business without compromising on social and environmental responsibilities.

  • Business can be a force for good in the world when maximising profit is not the only goal.

We look forward to implementing some new processes within the studios over the coming months, and we look forward to giving an update soon on our progress and impact!

Green Mark logo certified business

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