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HYPE! As seen on ITV

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

This week, the studios had an exciting moment as HYPE owner Hannah guest presented on ITV’s Garraways Good Stuff. Highlighting the popularity of a classic fitness favourite, Step Fitness, she put presenter Kate Garraway and special guests Isy Suttie, Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams through their paces in a fun aerobic workout.

At just 6 weeks post-partum, Hannah demonstrated how the classic fitness class is making a comeback in gyms and studios all over the UK and is suitable for absolutely everyone. and of course, newborn baby Bash had to make an appearance behind the scenes for cuddles with all the guests and crew!

Whether you’re a fitness addict or just starting out, Step fitness can absolutely be either a simple or challenging class depending on how hard you want to go for it. Check out in the clip below to see just how much fun it can be, and we love how Made In Chelsea’s Spencer freestyled it out:

Trying out Step Fitness for the first time can be daunting if you’re totally new to it, so here’s our top tips on how to get the most out of your class:

  1. Stick to lower impact at first. A good step instructor should demonstrate new moves by layering them in gradually with plenty of repetitions, all whilst keeping low impact so that you can follow and understand them easily. After several repetitions they’ll up the energy and ramp it up to high impact for more experienced steppers in the room, but don’t feel you have to join in too! If you’re struggling to remember the combo or feel like you have two left feet, you’re more likely to be get a good workout if you keep it lower so you can keep going without having to stop/start if you get lost.

  2. Don’t be afraid to ask for the combo again! Your instructor should put in plenty of water breaks in the class so take this as an opportunity to ask for them to show the combo again if you need a bit of extra help nailing the routine.

  3. Familiarise yourself with the deck. You should be able to raise or lower the height of the step platform deck by adjusting the risers. You’ll definitely get a harder workout the higher the deck is, so wait until you’ve been to a class or two before you start copying others and raising you deck up high. Also, make sure that you are aware of your foot placement on the deck at all times so that you don’t mis-step. Before class starts, adjust your deck to the height you want, make sure there’s plenty of space around you and have a few practice steps to check you’re happy with everything.

  4. Expect to sweat! Step fitness is a cardio class so don’t forget to bring a small towel, but most importantly plenty of water to stay hydrated

  5. Good footwear is a must. Don’t expect plimsoles or cheap trainers to be ok. Your lower body will feel the burn and to protect your joints you must wear good, supportive trainers. They don’t have to be expensive, but any trainers with a good level of grip and arch support are ideal- an affordable pair of running trainers are perfect!

  6. Have fun and don’t pressurise yourself. Remember that you’re at the class to exercise in an enjoyable way, so relax, smile and have fun. If you mess up a move or combo, who cares? As long as you’re being safe on the deck, freestyle it out!

Thank you to everyone who made our Garraway’s Good Stuff appearance possible!

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