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It's HYPE's 12th Birthday!

It feels like yesterday that I taught my very first Zumba class in a dusty Thomas Wall Centre, on a carpeted stage (man that killed my knees) with a full hall of customers. I looked like Zumba had thrown up on me (remember the merchandise back then? So much lime green and tassles), I had a crappy loudspeaker, and everyone paid their money into a tupperware box on the door. Despite having years of dance experience, I remember I was so nervous I was shaking, and I stared at the floor the entire class.

Over time the classes grew, and one night I had over 100 people turn up with a huge queue out of the door and the car park rammed. Panicking about getting everyone paid up and signing their health forms before starting on time, one of my regulars Jo stepped in, signed everyone in and I could start on time.

I was busy studying at university so I couldn't put on any more classes, so I recruited Emma to take on a few extra classes for me to meet demand, and then HYPE was created! They're both still working for HYPE to this day and I don't know what I would have done without them.

I then trained in Bokwa in 2011 and that's when classes went really nuts. The Thomas Wall Centre no longer had capacity for the number of classes we wanted and I dreamed of opening my own studios.

Something unique that had tons of classes, flexible options that didn't tie you in, and a studio that offered way more than a standard gym. Fast forward a few years, I quit training to be a doctor (much to my dad's dismay) and opened the first HYPE studio as my full time career path in 2014.

By 2016 we then upgraded to our building on Lind Road and now we're a busy space with two studios, a team of 18, plus 60 classes a week including pole, aerials, yoga, TRX and more.

We've battled through covid lockdowns and other challenges but we've stuck through it all supported by our incredible team and community. Thank you to everyone who has supported us through the years and here's to hopefully another 12 years (or more!) Hannah x

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